Meal Planning for Your First Few Weeks Postpartum

The birth of a baby is comparable to running a marathon. After baby is born your body requires a period of time to rest and recover and this is true for every mom regardless of the circumstances of the birth.

The first few weeks postpartum are especially important to allow for healing, bonding and recovery so be sure to be extra gentle on yourself and nourish your body appropriately.

My Postpartum Care Package is designed to allow moms bodies to recover, relax and heal based on traditional knowledge and scientific research.

  • Foods should be warming (avoid cold fluids and foods for at least the first two weeks postpartum) so that the body can recover strength and use all its energy toward healing instead of warming up a cold stomach
  • Foods should be easy to digest, again we want the body focused on healing and not digesting heavy foods (meat should be avoided for at least the first 4-5 days after birth)
  • Foods should be nutrient dense and fibre rich, you are healing your body, feeding/caring for a new little human and need foods that will help your first poops postpartum go as smoothly as possible (pun intended)

Following these principles, I designed my Postpartum Care Package as such:

2 1L of Bone Broth & 3 1L of Mushroom Superfood Broth

  • This is nutrient heaven for your tender body. The minerals and collagen in these broths help your body to heal faster and digest quickly for maximum nutrient absorption.
  • New moms get about 10 servings of broth which are ideal to be sipped on before breakfast or between meals daily.

2 1L jars of Squash & Lentil Soup & 2 1L jars of Smoky Quinoa Lentil Soup

  • These soups are full of warming spices and provide heartier options for moms who need more sustenance in their lunches
  • With approximately 2 servings per jar, mom has lunch for the whole week!

1 package of Ginger Fried RIce

  • With 4 large fibre and protein rich servings, this warming and delicious meal provides another option for new moms for lunches or dinners.

1 dozen Immune Boosting Gummies

  • Collagen is a very important tool for healing throughout the body and these gummies are loaded with it!
  • The lemon, ginger and honey in these gummies make them soothing and ideal for new moms whose immune systems need a boost after labour.

4 Quick Oat Cups

  • Fibre, Nutrients, Milk Making Magic Galore!
  • These oat cups are easy breakfasts or snacks for a new mom and are helpful not only for her body but also to produce more milk for her little one(s) through the use of milk making foods like oats, chia seeds and black sesame seeds.

1 dozen GF/DF Berry Breakfast Muffins

  • Bursting with flavour, these muffins are a hit with moms and toddlers alike!
  • Made with almond & oat flour and loaded with berries these make a wonderful snack any time of the day for moms who only have one hand to eat while baby eats.

This package is tailored to meet the needs of a mom who needs to feed herself while home with baby. More items can be added from my MENU to better suit the needs of your family. If you have allergies or would like to make this a Vegan package, please let me know and I can work out a special package just for you!

Advance orders are welcome to arrange for a delivery around your due date. All foods are delivered fresh in glass or compostable containers but can be delivered frozen in plastic containers if required.

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